Scrum team and third-party suppliers, how do they work together in Scrum?

Submitted by Yuliya Mijuk on 03/27/2013

"Can a Scrum team give parts of the increment they have to deliver in order to third-party suppliers? Should in such a case the third party supplier be part of the Scrum team?

Example: A Scrum team should create e a sales presentation. In the first part oft he Sprint the Scrum team would create the first idea of ??the presentation and then in the second part oft he sprint it would work together with an advertising agency, which would work out the first rough draft of the Scrum team and convert it into a graphically professional presentation. The advertising agency would not be part of the Scrum team and could send no one to the Scrum team, as the person in charge of the advertising agency works for several clients respectively. the presentation should anyway be created by several people in different steps (concept developers, copywriters, graphic artists, etc). It’s hardly possible to make all of them part of the SCRUM team." 


I'm curious how your existing Scrum team would answer your question...

In Scrum, the team must have all the skills to create the product or a shippable part of the product. A team can also be understood as several teams that coordinate their work with the help of Scrum of Scrums meeting and have a common product backlog. If the Scrum team and the agency should work together in the second part of the Sprint anyway, then there are certainly ways to communicate with each other even if the responsible person(s) from the advertising agency is(are) not on site. Here we are dealing with a virtual team. Virtual Daily Scrum meetings are not a rarity nowadays. It is important that the whole team (the responsible people on your side and the responsible persons on the side of the third party suppliers) plans together and decides how the want to proceed and be organized.

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